Holiday Market

You still have three weekends to visit the Holiday Market.  It’s a family-friendly, festive gathering of your Saturday Market vendors presenting their finest works for your holiday gift giving.  This year I’m sharing booth #239 with another vendor, Spring, in the Holiday Hall.  Come see us!


We’ve been told our booth looks like an upscale boutique.  We like it, too.  You’ll love Holiday Hall.  It’s a smaller, quieter version of Holiday Market, with more of an eclectic boutique feeling.  Friendly artisans are on-hand to answer your questions and help with your purchases.

Holiday Market already.  Are you sure about that?

Holiday Market already. Are you sure about that?

Honestly, not only do I need a “Roadie” to help me set up at markets, I need a “Personal Assistant” to keep you updated by posting in this “What’s Happening” thing.  I’ll be sharing a booth at Holiday Market in the Holiday Hall with another vendor, Spring of YodaMoon.  We’ll be in a 3-sided booth (#239) at one end of the middle row.  You can’t miss us.  We will be one of the drop off destinations for your completed “Elf Spotter” card.  Learn more about that here.

Come see us and get your holiday season started at the Holiday Market.

Celebrating the new website launch

FreeShippingIf you believe it’s true that good things are worth waiting for, then you are going to love this post.  Redesigning the Just Lavendar website has been an interesting process and I’ve learned some new things along the way.  So, to celebrate the launch of the new site, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING for orders that are $20 or more for the rest of July.

Now is the time to celebrate with me and save money on free shipping for yourself.  Product availability is limited to stock on hand.  Please leave your mark in the Guestbook to let me know you stopped by.

Thank you!




June was a busy month!

Well, look at that.  I missed the June 15th launch.  Life happens and sometimes you just have to stop and regroup.  It was worth it and now I’m excited about launching this new website by the end of the week.

My grand daughter and I have been taking evening walks, taking time to spot weeds (herbs) along the way.  On our latest walk we found lots of horsetail and started talking about how it is a useful herb.  I’ll take some pictures on our next walk to include in my next blog.  Have you planned for a fun summer yet?


What happened to May?

I can hardly believe today is June 1st!  I aimed high, thinking I could finish building this site in time to publish it today…but…maybe not.  No worries.  I’ll adjust my publication date to June 15th.  I’ve been able to get a lot finished, but there’s more to do, including taking some fresh new photos.  I vended over the Mother’s Day weekend and it set me back about a week. I’m taking my vitamins every day, doing my best to get enough sleep each night, and promising myself to do a better job of remembering to eat!

So many choices

When I finally decided it was time to redesign the Just Lavendar website, I spent weeks laying out mock-ups of how I imagined it should look.  Weeks.  As I reached the point that I knew I had to begin actually creating the new website, not just playing with how it would look, the real work began.  I had prepared for this day by watching many tutorials, enrolling in a handful of presentations, and looking at other websites that offered something I wanted to bring to Just Lavendar.  So many choices…so many.

I had to take a week off to prepare for and attend a two-day event about an hour’s drive away last weekend.  Upon returning from this event, I was exhausted and it took several days to physically recover from it.  Here I am today, the Saturday after the event, attempting to get caught up on lost time.  I had conveniently forgotten about how many choices I still needed to navigate.  I finally conceded that keeping it simple would be my best decision, at least for today.

So, here’s to keeping it simple, thus I blog.  One step at a time, one day at a time, one page at a time.  I have to admit that the long anticipated arrival of good weather made it hard to stay focused when I’d rather be outside working in my greenhouse.  Simple, Rege.  Keep it simple.

Man, I have a lot of photos to take though!  This week looks like a good week for natural light photography.  Simple…simple…simple.