Cold-process soaps

I started making therapeutic soaps in 1994.  I was deeply committed to my study of herbals and transitioning that knowledge and passion to soap was the next natural progression.  Lavender soap smell like lavender, which is the nice side benefit of the essential oil of lavender, but lavender offers more than a nice fragrance for your skin.  I infuse oils with herbs to make specific herbal soaps and bring the benefit of those herbs to the oil, and in turn to the soap and to your skin.

Above is a picture of my first old fashioned soap mold, decked out with freezer paper, ready for freshly made soap to be poured into it.  A good friend used this soap mold as a pattern and made three more molds just like it for me.  Gotta love friends with mad woodworking skills and tools.  Next is a glimpse into my stainless steel stockpot I slowly blend the oils in and bring them to my secret perfect soap making temperature and little “group shot” of some soaps ready to use.  Last, a nice close-up of freshly made soap, ready to cure for the next six weeks until it reaches the perfect pH and is ready to use.

I cut my soap into cubes instead of bars.  Why?  Less surface contact with moisture between uses allows the soap to dry better.   Each hand-cut cube weighs =>4 oz and sells for $5/cube.

Over the years, our family had some incredible cats and dogs that were part of our family.  As a way to keep their memories alive and honor the bond we shared, I decided to name each soap after one of them, complete with their picture and an idea of who they were.  I hope you enjoy meeting them.

Made with olive oil infused with plenty of chamomile flowers.  Excellent choice for sensitive skin.  No exfoliant or added scent.

Tea Tree oil and organic ground rolled oats are the perfect combination for oily skin.  Out of Stock.  Availability mid-January

Made with a generous amount of essential oil of lavender and organic ground rolled oats.  Oats make a gentler exfoliant than ground rosebuds.  Out of Stock.  Availability mid-January.

Made with olive oil infused with lots of calendula flowers.  Excellent choice for sensitive skin.  No exfoliant and no scent added.