HerbalsHerbal workbench

There are many ways to use herbs for health and body care.  Herbs were used on all continents by ancient people long before we could buy a bottle of aspirin on a drugstore shelf.  What we perceive as “medicine” today actually began long ago as human beings began to observe carnivorous animals and how they interacted with certain herbs[1].  Three major healing systems that include herbal medicine are Ayurveda from India; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) widely practiced throughout Asia; and Traditional European Medicine (TEM)[2].

I aspire to offer future classes on herbal preparations for those interested in learning how to prepare herbs to care for their personal health and well being.  Seasonally, I am planning “wild crafting” walks for those interested in identifying herbs growing in the Pacific Northwest area.  I personally use the (Western) Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Peterson Field Guides as my “go to” for wild crafting[3].

My personal study of herbs is a lifelong pursuit and passion.  I hope you will become inspired, or at least intrigued, to learn about herbs and perhaps learn how to begin using them for yourself and your family.  For now, you will find specific herbal balms and cold-process soaps made with herbs.  I will be adding other herbal preparations, such as facial steamers, bath bricks, and more over the coming months.  Please bookmark Just Lavendar in your browser and return occasionally to stay current on product availability.

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