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I’m excited and can’t wait for the full reveal.

All natural, herb-infused oils are made in-house and used to produce Just Lavendar’s balms, butters, lotions, soaps and oil blends for the body.  Quickly take the edge off of pain after working in the yard or garden with 911 Butter.  Soothe away stiffness from sprains and strains by massaging arnica/comfrey oil blend where you need it.  Choose a natural alternative for dressing abrasions and reoccurring skin irritation with calendula/comfrey balm.  Find the perfect calendula-infused sweet almond oil lip balm to protect your lips from overexposure to sun or cold weather.  Wash your body with a handcrafted soap that doesn’t dry out your skin.  Relax and exfoliate in an effervescent bath imbued with the essential oil of lavender.  Your body will thank you.

Custom herb-infused oils blends are available upon request.